I am a buyer

Is it even possible to buy a home right now?

Yes. Of course! A local, experienced real estate agent can give you deeper insight into what is and is not permitted at this moment in time.

How do I look at homes while social distancing?

Stay six feet away from other people (do not ride in the car with your agent). Refrain from touching your face. Wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer. Cover your mouth with your elbow when you sneeze or cough. Wipe down surfaces you have touched with Lysol.

Should I put my home search on hold for now?

Will you be missing out on a great opportunity if you put your home search on hold? Every real estate market is different, and some will react more strongly to the coronavirus than others. Your local real estate agent can give you a better sense of what inventory looks like in your area, how prices are likely to shift, and what that means for you and your home search right now.

I am a seller

Is this a good time to sell my house?

YES! We are currently in a low inventory market and there is a lot of buyers.

How do I show my house while social distancing?

If you must show your home: - Have your agent restrict physical showings to only the most serious buyers — those who’ve determined your home could be a strong match based on available resources that don’t require a physical tour. - Require that buyers sign a COVID-19 certification prior to showings that indicates to the best of their knowledge, they’re not sick and have not been exposed to the virus. - Limit who can come through the home (no kids, for example). In some cases buyers are being asked to enter alone without their agent. - Before the showing, turn on all the lights, and open up closets and cabinets, to reduce the amount of contact with your home.

Can I sell my home without any home showings?

Many buyers are going to want to see a home in-person before making an offer, even if it’s just once. However, it’s your house, and you can show it on your terms. If you want to stop in-person showings and see what your listing could generate virtually, work with your agent to express your request to halt showings in writing.